Red Goddess
Red Goddess: I love this beautiful creature of 16th St. in the Castro.

Posted for the 9/30 Thursday Challenge, "Red." More pictures here.

Update, 10/05/04: Found the provenance of the goddess above. From SF Mosaics --

16th St. at Sanchez St.
By Colette Crutcher

This is a richly colored bas-relief mural depicting a beautiful and powerful Mexican goddess. It was commissioned by the Gaffney family and the Instituto Pro Musica de California, which is dedicated to preserve the heritage of Latin America. The use of Aztec symbolism and imagery is explained on the door next to the mural. The piece blends the dynamic movement of birds, symbols, and dream-like mythology into an unforgettable piece of public art. Tile, mirror, glass, paint, beads, metal.

What's a little confusing is that the picture in the website above is attributed as follows -- "Above: A detail from the Mission Creek Mural by Lillian Sizemore and Laurel True, 1999"

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the reason there is this photo credit is not for this Tonantsin photo, but for the photo that is the banner at the top of the website...which is the Mission Creek mural detail. this credit doesn't describe the Tonantsin piece, but the art at the top of the website page.

Posted by: Lillian Sizemore on 10.23.04
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